Blog – Florist school A-Z
We have decided to take on a new challenge. Experience and learn something new – you will receive a message from us from time to time in the form of a blog.
The time will tell how we got on but we look forward to hearing from you and get to know about the topics you would like to hear and things you would like to learn from us.
We are a floristry school celebrating 35 years this year.
The school now known as “A-Z Florist School”, was founded by Rita Garaissila. It was named after Rita Garaissila and known as – “Ritas Garaissilas ziedu kārtošas skola” for 30 years.
Why a Flower Arranging School? – because back then the word – floristryflorist was quite unknown in Latvia.
But times changed and we changed. Ritas daughter Aija Žagariņa took over the management of the school from Rita and some time ago we changed the name of the school to “Florist School A-Z”.
You can read it in two different ways – either Aija’s initials or the first and last letter of the alphabet. Which means that we teach everything from the beginning until you understand everything.
It would be interesting to know how many of our followers on Facebook and Instagram are still Rita’s students and how many are already Aija’s students.
However we know for sure that the first flower shops in Latvia where professional florists actually worked were owned by our students.
Flower salon “Linda” in Riga and “Amarants” in Tukums. Flower salon “Vinda”
“Elizete” in Riga “Puķu Elvis” in Sigulda and many others.

We are very proud of our students who have proved themselves not only as excellent florists, but also as a powerfull woman who have been running their own flower shops for many years.

We were proud of their success back then and we are even prouder now realising that our school was the one that laid the real foundations for floristry as an industry in Latvia.

What else are we proud of? – Of course our students and their activities in various competitions in Europe and around the world.
Our students often win first places – and this is only because our school prepares students not only to work in flower shops, but also to take part in floristry competitions. Our students compete individually and as a school team in various competitions and festivals – in Latvia, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, etc.
We will be sure to tell you how we did in a future blog post.

What else is going on at school?
Competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations, land arts.

We recently implemented a project on how you can learn floristry skills remotely through online training videos.
We will be sure to introduce you to that too.
Here you can learn different floristry tricks, ideas, techniques without leaving your house or on the contrary while you are in nature in the garden in the greenhouse.

What you need – good internet coverage, good scissors. Of course – flowers, natural materials and the courage and trust in us to take you on a creative experiment with a great result. And you don’t even have to be a florist!
It’s all just a few clicks away.

We hope that this new adventure – the blog – will take us on an unprecedented experience!
See you there!